Over the last 10 years telecommunications has been changing rapidly.  The industry once had a monopolistic  structure and the business world as well as the residential world had only one option for a vendor.  Whatever that vendor offered was what the consumer got.   Since the breakup of the bell monopoly in 1982 consumers have been able to choose which long distance company they use. But the service with in the LATA's was still regulated until 1996 when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed allowing competition within the local service area.

Today even the LATA is getting blurred with the advent of the internet and a technology called VoIP.  Ten years ago when you searched the internet for the "benefits of VoIP"  the articles always mentioned cost savings and cheaper user hardware and made it sound sexy to use the internet as a method to deliver the media for your calls. Today you get articles that mention the application benefits, such as "Find me/follow me call routing", "Voicemail to email transcription", "Music on hold', and "Call Detail Reports" and "Bandwidth utilization" and "Least Cost Routing" Understanding what all this really means to your business is much more complicated that picking a Long Distance Carrier or a Local Service Provider  for your LATA.  You need to understand all the technology to make sure you are getting the right mix for your business.

If you desire help in getting this right please allow our staff to help you make the right decision.

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David A. Baker